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Great Maintenance Staff
Whenever I have requested help from Andrew, he has quickly and efficiently helped to keep my apartment well maintained including replacing the water heater, helping me replace my washer and dryer, and checking my appliances as needed. Thank you, Twin Creek Apartments.


Living here was nice and we had a great experience! Affordable rent, a nice area, and our apartment was really well kept. Our management was easy going and always diligent to help us with any problems.


My husband and I lived here for 2 years. In general, it was a really good experience! Maintenance was really responsive and the apartments themselves are in pretty good shape! I also really appreciated that we couldn't ever hear our neighbors. I do think it's a little overpriced - they seem to take advantage of the fact that they are one of the few pet friendly places available in Logan. I also didn't love that we had to pay for the parking spots that were already assigned to our unit. Honestly, those were our only complaints, other than that it was awesome.


This will be my first and probably last google review. The management is top notch this last month (3/19) I accidentally grabbed the wrong check book and the one I wrote for rent bounce. Totally my fault. Totally an accident. Well as soon as I realized my mistake I went in to write a new check in the right bank account. The management were totally willing to work with me and removed the late fees. They also have a system that as soon as you have a bounced check you get a mark on your name and have to give cashier's check from then on. I totally get it but it is a huge pain to get a cashier's check every month. Luckily for me they fixed that too. Great management and a decent place to live.


Now that the property is under new ownership it has been great. The old company did not put any money in to repairs or upgrades. The new management has been putting a lot into updating the property. The new manager is great and very good at taking care of the tenets, making sure everything is good and quickly addressing and fixing issues.




Quiet and safe neighborhood close to Logan Regional Hospital. The manager, Craig, and the owner are amiable and willing to do what they can to help the tenants have a good experience living here.



Updated review 12/25/2018 from original 4/2018 review. (See update below) YA, great location, perhaps it is actually cheaper than most. RENTER BEWARE! Horrible management, poorly maintained. Manager, Toni, stated she would return the remainder of my rent when I found a new qualified tenant. She actually lied and showed me a picture of an apartment that wasn't mine stating they were keeping the money I had already paid for that month. It took them over 2 weeks to fix my heater. I contacted the Utah tenant/landlord housing as I will have to find mediation to resolve this matter. Dishonest, rude and completely disrespectful. It makes me wonder how many other people they have done this to. *addendum, I changed my review from a one to a four. Joshua, part of the new management have been extremely accommodating and followed through with his response to my complaint. The new management seems promising, and they at least made an effort to rectify the previous management experience. I base my new update on only the recent efforts by new management.